Slow progress


We’ve been making very slow progress recently, George has been having a lot of problems with his teeth and a lot of grizzly days. I’ve not been pushing too much with the breastfeeding as I don’t want him to end up with another aversion to the breast, so I’ve just been focusing on playing with him and comforting him. I took him to bed with me a few days ago and offered him the breast, and he didn’t latch but he did a lot of smiling, licking and pushing the nipple around his mouth. I felt really good about this as its the first positive response I’ve had for a while. That night I tried him last thing at night, when he’d been asleep for a few hours. He fussed and got quite aggravated, so I gave him his bottle and offered him the breast afterwards. He didn’t seem soothed by it and started fussing again so I gave him his dummy and he fell asleep. Once his breathing had evened, I gently took the dummy out and replaced it with my nipple. He didn’t seem to mind and actually seemed quite soothed. I cradled him for a while like this and he stayed fast asleep. Eventually I gently put him in his bed and he didn’t stir at all. He didn’t need his dummy that night! We’ve done it a few times since and this seems to be when he likes the breast most. I’ve decided if we can just manage to do this regularly I’m happy. 
I decided on the off chance to try latching him after his nap – he has his first cold and is feeling rotten but I thought it might comfort him. I laid him on the bed next to me and just gently offered him the breast, talking and singing to him. He smiled a lot and tried very hard to latch, rooting a lot and happily chewing away for about 10 minutes before getting upset. I offered him the breast each time he pulled off and he took it, looking for it quite forcefully! He did seem to be a bit confused on what to do, as its a different texture to the bottle teat and a lot squishier! I noticed he had managed to get my nipple under his tongue a few times, so I tried to re-latch him. He seemed much more comfortable laying next to me rather than being held. It also controlled the squirming! So hopefully we are getting back on track a bit. 

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