A perfect end to the day.

I decided to try offering George the breast at his dream feed tonight. Before his feed was not very successful – he didn’t want it at all and was quite upset. Katy and I fed him his bottle between us, and then I cuddled him against my chest as he fell asleep. He rubbed his face back and forth against my breast for a few minutes then settled down with his mouth pressed up against it. I gently pushed my nipple towards his mouth and he sucked very gently. He stayed latched on for a good 10 minutes, mostly just sleeping, sucking gently a few times. He pulled off after a while, I think his mouth probably had quite a lot of milk in it! He wouldn’t latch back on, so I laid him in his little bed and he fell straight back asleep. 

This was definitely the loveliest nursing session with George, it was wonderful to have him so sleepy all cuddled up and taking comfort from me. I felt a lovely warm rush of love for him.

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