A busy day!

Today has been a really busy, physically and emotionally exhausting day. This morning we went to see a friend of mine who I haven’t seen for 13 years; it’s was absolutely lovely to catch up and meet her husband and 3 beautiful children. We chatted, reminisced and swapped breastfeeding and mental health stories. A really important get-together for both of us, as we are both feeling quite socially isolated and lacking in people who understand what we are going through. She has breastfed her three children and has been wonderfully supportive of me on my journey. Katy had lots of fun playing with the children too, and George had a great time! 

Then we went on the hospital in Norwich for my two-yearly hip check-up. When I was 11 I had a severe hip problem and had 2 lots of major surgery, leaving me with a limp and arthritis. I hate the appointments, historically it would involve my mother being incredibly overbearing, constantly telling me they would be disappointed in me because I was too heavy, and embarrassing me by flirting with the consultant. Although I still associate it with her, it’s refreshing to go without her and not report back to her on how it went. And it was fine, they said there’s nothing wrong and just asked how I had coped with pregnancy (they didn’t know I’d had a baby). When I was pregnant my mum had made a huge fuss about my hip, saying I must be seen by a consultant, not a midwife, and I must give them the details of my hip consultant, so they could liaise and come up with a pregnancy and birth plan for me, as its such a rare and important condition. She tried to annotate my maternity notes, and got very annoyed when I wouldn’t let her, saying that only the medical professionals were allowed to write in them. She told me I had described it wrong and insisted she correct it. She then tagged a piece of paper into the pack with her notes on. At my first appointment I shamefully handed over the notes, apologising that she’d made such a big deal – the doctor took one look and told me that it wouldn’t make any difference to my birth, and they would give me painkillers if it got painful during pregnancy (it didn’t).
We then drove back to Colchester and had George’s hands and feet cast to make models of them! So lovely and I can’t wait to receive the finished product. We bought a beautiful mobile for his room (pictures to follow, it’s gorgeous!) and went for lunch together. We had a good long chat about some issues that have been bothering me, they’re too painful to go into but I’m working on them. 
I did try George on the breast when we got home, but he was too tired and wasn’t having any of it. Disappointing, but I know it was the wrong time to try. The best time seems to be when he’s just waking from his nap. 
After today I’m ready to sleep for a week! 

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