Tongue tie

We took George to the doctor today to look at his tongue, as recommended by the lactation consultant. He’s had some trouble sleeping and his teeth are hurting him, so we were worried that he might make a fuss, but he was very accepting of the doctor poking around in his mouth – he gave a huge grin! The doctor confirmed that George does have a mild tongue tie. However, as it’s not yet affecting speech, and only affecting latching rather than feeding, it’s not medically necessary to divide it. She advised that he would need to be placed under general anaesthetic and it would be painful for him. He would also be unable to eat for a day or so afterwards. 

Put this way, it seems extremely selfish of me to have wanted him to have the surgery, just so he could breastfeed. The doctor said that the tie shouldn’t make it impossible for him to feed from me, and to keep trying as well as pumping. She said we could choose to have the procedure, but we aren’t prepared to put him through it when it’s not necessary. I’m a little saddened, as it seems like one more thing that could improve our feeding isn’t going to happen, but, onwards and upwards!

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