A proud mummy moment

Amazing progress from George today! I got him up from his nap, and he was looking quite contented so I thought I’d try feeding him. I sat down on the birthing ball with him, still swaddled so his arms were under control and not available for him to shove in his mouth! He fidgeted a bit and I bounced him and sang to him. He snuggled in, and then latched and started sucking! He sucked for a few minutes, pulled off, latched back on and sucked for a few more minutes. He got a bit upset afterwards, but I had just pumped so there probably wasn’t much milk in there! I’m feeling quite dazed about it at the moment, like it didn’t really happen, like it’s not real. My baby actually fed from me. I did try it again when he was crying, to see if it would comfort him, and he did latch and suck again but only for a few seconds. I’m so incredibly proud of my little boy. And we didn’t need the bottle teat, or the shield!



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