A day in the sun!

Today we went to a Community Day in the little town we live in, Wivenhoe. It was really lovely to meet lots of our neighbours, and get to know the area. We’ve lived in Wivenhoe for 7 years, but what with one thing and another we just haven’t participated in many of the community activities or explored the town much! There’s such a lovely feel of community here, and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. There was a “Sale Trail” to walk around – a trail of houses around the town with garage sales. We LOVE secondhand things! We picked up lots and lots of books for George (and kind of for us), including quite a few we both had when we were little. We managed to get a couple of toys we’d been eyeing up for him as well, much cheaper than in the shops! At the end of the day we went and sat in our neighbours’ garden and had a good chat, it was wonderful. We got lots of comments on how well behaved George was! 

When we got home I started to feel a bit sick and slumped on the sofa. Katy took one look at me and went “Oh my god, you’re so sunburnt!” I looked down, and my chest is SO red. I never get sunburnt, I have quite olive-y skin thanks to Mediterranean genes on my Dad’s side, and I only ever need factor 15 sun lotion. Sod’s law I’d totally overlooked sun lotion and of course today would be the day the sun snuck up on me (George is fine, he was totally covered up and had his hat on). I remembered reading that breastmilk is a great natural after sun treatment so I dipped my finger in the bottle I’d just expressed and rubbed it on – so soothing!!! My skin felt much better and Katy says the redness has decreased a lot! Breastmilk is truly amazing stuff, it’s awesome how our bodies can make this wonder-milk! 

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