Today’s progress!

We have had more success today! I got George up from his nap and he was all smiles so I thought now was a good time! We cuddled up on the sofa together and I offered George my breast. He was being VERY cheeky, laughing and smiling and wriggling a lot. He was still swaddled (that’s another story!) so his arms were well contained as he has a habit of shoving his hand in his mouth when I’m trying to latch him! After a while he started opening his mouth for my nipple over and over again, and doing that cute moving his head from side to side (we call it truffing!). I popped the nipple in his mouth and he sucked! Just very gently, like a bottle, just a couple of times and then pulled off, and repeated it lots of times! I made sure spoke to him and told him how well he was doing. He was clearly confused as to why there wasn’t any milk coming out… I did hand express some but it kept getting wiped on his cheek! I’d just pumped a few minutes ago – normally if I haven’t pumped in a few hours milk just leaks out all over his face! As soon as his face changed to a frown I took him off and played with him. He seems to be making more progress by the day! He’s such a fast learner, I’m so proud of him! 


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