Lazy baby

Nobody seems to understand George and his breast refusal. It’s so frustrating that every breastfeeding support person or midwife who saw us couldn’t tell us the reason why he wouldn’t. Apparently he didn’t have tongue or lip tie, although I know it can be missed. As far as they could tell he should just be able to do it. So they labelled him lazy. “He’s just lazy” they said, “he doesn’t want to work for it. Typical boy.” And “He’s the crossest baby I’ve ever seen”. These statements broke my heart. How could my tiny newborn be lazy??? I refused to believe it was possible, it’s an instinctive behaviour essential to survival. I hated how everyone who “helped” us just said he was lazy and he would get it eventually. My poor baby boy. 

He developed colic at about a week old and after trying lots of solutions we decided to take him to a cranial osteopath. He told us that George had a misaligned jaw, probably from our difficult labour. This could cause breastfeeding to be very painful for him. 
It’s such a shame that we only really found out this by accident. The people who are supposed to support new mothers to learn to breastfeed really don’t have a clue about much other than very simple issues. My baby was in so much pain, and they just called him lazy. 

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